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Customer Service/Inbound

Always be available

Missing calls hurts your business.

61% of mobile searches result in a phone call (Google). If you can’t be reached within a few rings, or if your prospects don’t speak to a real person, two-thirds will hang-up out of frustration.

That’s two too many!

Make sure your calls are answered quickly and competently. Our blended approach (both inbound and outbound) ensures that your business line is always manned and that you will never miss a call.

Whether it’s sales, direct response, answering services or general enquiries, we will take care of your calls.

At The Pipeline Marketing Group customer service is not an extension of the job; it is a fundamental part of it.


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What We Do:

  • Take calls or make calls to your customer base to obtain feedback
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Help you understand how to market to future prospects
  • Nurture your data and turn purely transactional customers into loyalists.

Our team have the strength and skills to handle even the most difficult of calls:

  • We listen
  • We handle objections with empathy that can turn even the most disgruntled customer into a brand advocate (we love doing that).
  • We report on the calls or can warm transfer.
  • We integrate our calls and reporting with almost any system and platform.


Lead Generation

Get in the door with key decision-makers and spend more time selling.


Find the pain, empathize and then create the win/win.

Customer Retention

Know your customers, exceed their expectations and retain their loyalty.

Events Services

Find the best way to truly engageyour audience.

Customer Service

The #1 way an organization can improve customer retention is to listen.

Data Enrichment

Turn your database into an instrument of perpetual value.