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Collaborative and Conversational B2B Lead Generation in Sydney and Melbourne

Collaborative and Conversational B2B Lead Generation in Sydney and Melbourne

Everyone dislikes generically scripted phone calls from telemarketers. If you are like most people, you probably cringe every time a telemarketer calls your office phone or cell phone, and if you have those reactions, then you can bet your prospective clients and customers have them too.

At the Pipeline Marketing Group, we realise that our callers are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to winning over potential leads for your business. Similar to door-to-door salespeople, telemarketers have a bad reputation. A generic marketing script that every decision maker at every business has already heard a million times is not the way to get past negative preconceived notions.

Throwing Away the Script

For these reasons, when you hire the Pipeline Marketing Group for B2B lead generation in Sydney or Melbourne, you can trust that the first thing we will do is to throw away the script. We know that we won’t win leads with a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and we know that you know it, too.

Instead of working from a generic script, our team at the Pipeline Marketing Group tries a different strategy built on two core ingredients: collaboration and conversation.

The collaboration side of the equation starts the moment you call us looking for Sydney B2B lead generation. We work with you to understand precisely what you are looking for from a sales lead. What qualifications and criteria must a person or business have to be a perfect B2B sales prospect? Our marketing team will chat with you and your team to make the criteria list. Then, we take that list and hit the phones to find you your perfect buyers.

Even with that custom, collaborative list of qualifications, though, the Pipeline Marketing Group’s callers stand apart from the rest of the crowd by never limiting themselves to a pre-defined script. Instead of going into a call with a generic sales pitch, we enter all conversations aiming to promote real, informative conversations.

Perhaps the biggest mistake that most telemarketers make is instantly diving into the pitch and just motoring on about the company or product they are marketing. Our model at the Pipeline Marketing Group turns this trend around and makes the sales lead the primary speaker in the conversation. When we get a decision maker on the phone, we find out about their business, their pain points and their areas for growth. This focus, on them instead of us, encourages the decision maker to take an active and emotionally engaged role in the conversation. Emotional engagement, in turn, engenders trust, which opens the door for a fruitful and profitable business relationship.

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At the Pipeline Marketing Group, we sometimes know right away that calls aren’t going to yield a worthwhile sales lead for you. Other times, we can immediately determine that there is a valid reason to continue the dialogue. In all cases, though, we can give you more information about your leads than we would ever be able to find out using a generic script. Our collaborative and conversational approach is the key to delivering a longer list of more qualified leads.

If your business requires B2B lead generation in the Surry Hills area, or in major markets like Melbourne or Sydney, we hope you will give us a chance at the Pipeline Marketing Group. Call us on 02 9113 0440 to talk more about how we can help you establish valuable business relationships with new potential clients.


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