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Australian Call Center



Our Clients


Lead Generation

Get in the door with key decision-makers and spend more time selling.


Find the pain, empathize and then create the win/win.

Customer Retention

Know your customers, exceed their expectations and retain their loyalty.

Events Services

Find the best way to truly engageyour audience.

Customer Service

The #1 way an organization can improve customer retention is to listen.

Data Enrichment

Turn your database into an instrument of perpetual value.





We are a Sydney telemarketing agency started in 2009 with a vision to provide cost-effective, local telemarketing services without skimping on real quality or integrity

We opened our doors with one telemarketing agent and have grown into a company that the market cried out for –  a specialized Australian (owned and run) contact centre that is reliable, transparent and with remarkable agents that represent your brand in a manner that you would want your own employees to; with professionalism and personality and a real sense of proprietorship.

We have a simple value proposition; we don’t just sell or generate leads; we deliver a positive experience with every contact, enhancing your reputation and market share. We build your prospect database, thereby creating an invaluable sales pipeline, enduring value and ongoing returns on your investment.

“Call us old-fashioned but we believe that there is no substitute for a real conversation.”

Our expertise in B2B or B2C is unmatched. We are the secret weapon to small business, medium size and enterprise companies as part of their sales and lead generation strategies.

We sell everything from utilities to insurance. We generate thousand of quality leads and set qualified appointments for sales teams of all sizes. We assist organizations in acquiring more members while retaining and creating loyalty at the same time.

We organize events for the biggest global corporations.