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How Using Surry Hills’ Pipeline Marketing Group as Your Call Centre in Sydney or Melbourne Can Help Your Business Grow

How Using Surry Hills’ Pipeline Marketing Group as Your Call Centre in Sydney or Melbourne Can Help Your Business Grow

Running a business with a long list of clients or customers isn’t easy. On one hand, you need to be thinking consistently of ways to generate new leads, boost revenues and grow your brand. On the other hand, you need to be able to nurture your existing customer base. A large percentage of both steps take place over the phone. You cold call new leads with hopes of converting them into valuable clients while existing customers reach you over the phone with questions, concerns, orders or other communications.

At the Pipeline Marketing Group, we can help you to manage all of this telephone traffic. We offer a turnkey call centre service to companies in Sydney and Melbourne from our location in Surry Hills. This service is versatile, ranging from answering calls to generating leads. Furthermore, this service provides support for your company’s communication, research, promotion, growth and customer service—all without requiring you to lose productivity in-house.

The Top Three Benefits of Hiring a Call Centre in Melbourne or Sydney

Are you thinking about working with the Pipeline Marketing Group to set up a call centre in Surry Hills? Here are five huge advantages to be gained from outsourcing your telephone and telemarketing activities to a third party.

  1. Your customers feel supported: In today’s fast-paced business world, a big emphasis is placed upon lead generation. Too often, though, businesses forgot not to neglect their current customers. Setting up a Sydney call centre for your business is a great way to make sure your customers always feel heard and supported. With the Pipeline Marketing Group handling your inbound calls, your customers won’t have to contend with irritating automated answering machines or spend long periods of time on hold. We answer your forwarded calls, nurture your customer base, schedule appointments, answer questions or solve problems on your behalf and upsell your existing customers.
  2. You learn more about your leads: When the Pipeline Marketing Group team sets up a call centre in Melbourne, it isn’t just about inbound calls. Sure, we are happy to act as your help desk or customer service centre, but we will also take the extra step and make outbound calls on your behalf. From getting survey responses to research your customer base, to calling decision makers for purposes of B2B lead generation, we provide superior telemarketing in addition to superior customer service.
  3. We can help you plan events: Events and functions are great both for making current clients feel valued and for winning over new leads. A Pipeline Marketing Group call centre will go to work getting the word out about your next function—whether that means dialling existing customers, cold calling new leads or both. We will even figure out what the best approach is to sell your event, to help maximise attendance and impact.

Call the Pipeline Marketing Group Today to Learn More

At the Pipeline Marketing Group, our Surry Hills call centres are more than just rooms of people reading from scripts. On the contrary, our team puts time and energy into learning your business from top to bottom. The result is a call centre that feels like a true extension of your organisation—one that can help your business in more ways than you might even imagine.

Want to learn more details about our call centres at the Pipeline? Call us today on 02 9113 0440.

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