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Stay Committed to Your Members: Get Membership Management Services in Sydney or Melbourne, from the Pipeline Marketing Group in Surry Hills

Stay Committed to Your Members: Get Membership Management Services in Sydney or Melbourne, from the Pipeline Marketing Group in Surry Hills

Most of us tend to think of telemarketers as salespeople. However, while this definition is accurate, it only just scratches the surface of what a strong and transparent telemarketing team can do for your company. At the Pipeline Marketing Group, one of our chief goals is to broaden that definition for our clients. We want you to see how beneficial a strong telephone support team can be for your business—not just in terms of sales or lead generation, but also in branding, customer service, event promotion and more.

About Our Membership Management Services in Surry Hills

For instance, one of the services we offer at the Pipeline Marketing Group is membership management. Give us your database of client lists, including those who have memberships to any rewards or loyalty programs with your company. This membership could take virtually any form, from a 12-month membership to a sports club to an ongoing member program that gives customers discounts and other rewards based on how much money they spend at your business. The defining feature of these programs is that they are all made up of people who were passionate enough about your company to become part of a higher ‘tier’ of customers.

Membership groups are valuable to your company, but they can also be tough to manage. There’s a tendency in the business world to think that, once customers sign up for your membership programs, you don’t have to nurture them anymore. Your members are, by definition, not fair-weather customers. They will stand by your business even without consistent promotion or attention. Plus, most membership groups offer ongoing, automated rewards anyway.

However, it’s important to remember that, when a customer ‘buys in’ to a higher tier of customer classification, he or she is also likely expecting a higher tier of customer service. As a result, by failing to be attentive to your members, you could be risking the alienation of your top customers.

Working with the Pipeline Marketing Group and our membership management team in Sydney or Melbourne can help to solve this conundrum. From our location in Surry Hills, we can provide the comfort of knowing that you are staying committed to your existing members, without necessarily requiring you to expend in-house resources on consistently promoting to or nurturing your membership base. In other words, by outsourcing your membership management, you can put the support and service to your best customers on autopilot—freeing up your in-house sales team to focus on other things.

Keep Your Membership Growing

Our Sydney membership management services at the Pipeline Marketing Group are not merely focused on current member satisfaction and retention, either. While we do spend a considerable amount of time making contact with members, encouraging increased activity and upselling, we also strive to keep up the flow of new membership acquisition. In addition to keeping your current membership happy, we also strive to grow your membership over time. This growth leads to increased revenues and customer reach and can have a very noticeable impact on your company bottom line.

Are you interested in learning more about the membership management services that we have to offer in Melbourne or Sydney? Call the Pipeline Marketing Group on 02 9113 0440 to discuss this service or our other marketing and promotional capabilities.

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