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The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Appointments—and How to Capitalise on Both with the Best Lead Generation Services in Sydney and Melbourne

The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Appointments—and How to Capitalise on Both with the Best Lead Generation Services in Sydney and Melbourne

Growing your brand is all about turning new leads into paying customers or valuable clients through successful face-to-face appointments. Securing those appointments in the first place can happen in one of two ways: inbound or outbound.

At the Pipeline Marketing Group, we can help you to capitalise on both inbound and outbound appointment setting. We provide a range of lead generation services from our Surry Hills location, available to businesses in chief markets like Melbourne and Sydney. All of these services were developed to help your business land more meetings with more qualified leads. We also provide call centre services for many of our clients throughout Australia, which means that we can handle both inbound and outbound appointment setting.

Understanding Inbound Appointments Versus Outbound Appointments

When you engage a company such as the Pipeline for lead generation services in Melbourne or Sydney, you are likely envisioning a service based mostly in outbound appointment setting. Our primary lead generation services are based on calls to potential clients (both of the cold calling and warm calling variety) where we attempt to demonstrate the value of your brand to promising contacts.

Outbound appointment settings originate with an outbound call, hence their name. At the Pipeline Marketing Group, our callers work with your business to form a thorough understanding of what you do and what you are selling. We then use that information to have in-depth conversations with potential customers and determine whether or not they are qualified leads. If a contact is a strong lead, we attempt to schedule a face-to-face meeting with that person, so that you can close the deal and convert them into a client or customer.

Inbound appointments are different. Instead of originating with an outbound cold call, inbound appointments come from prospective clients calling you. These leads are automatically qualified because they have made the effort to reach out and contact your business to schedule an appointment. Perhaps these leads interacted with your brand at a recent event or trade show, or maybe they were referred by one of your current customers. Either way, these leads have a clear and serious interest in doing business with your brand.

Why is it important to recognise the difference between these two types of appointments? To put it simply, inbound appointment setters already have a sizable interest in your brand. They are more or less ready to make a purchase or sign a service agreement, and just need someone to show them where to sign and shake their hand after. Someone who scheduled their appointment through an outbound lead generation service, though, likely has a longer way to go to reach ‘paying customer’ status. For outbound appointments, then, you have to work hard to sell your brand and earn the close.

Using Sydney Lead Generation Services to Master the Appointment Process

At the Pipeline Marketing Group, we can help you master these two different sides of the appointment process, largely because we can cover both sides. Most lead generation services in Sydney or Melbourne only cover outbound lead generation services. Since we also do call centre work for businesses, we can nurture both inbound and outbound leads all the way to your office—providing you with the information you need to formulate the perfect closing strategy.

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