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Frequently Asked Questions

Telemarketing is a service that virtually every business can and should use in order to gain a competitive market advantage, increase revenues and grow exponentially.

Q. What should I prioritise when considering this kind of outsourcing?

  • Quality of service provided
  • Experience of telemarketers / team leaders / management
  • Quality of telecommunications infrastructure
  • Calling rates and efficiency
  • Level of transparency of the telemarketing company employed
  • Accent / language skills / eloquence of labour force.

Q. Remind me why I am looking to outsource the telemarketing?

Telemarketing is proven to be one of the most important components in sales. If you have ever tried to run a telemarketing team in-house and there are periods whereby the team is not running efficiently, the entire sales process becomes affected. As a result, the flow of leads ultimately dries-up; you and your sales team become impatient and you have no choice but to turn existing staff into glorified telemarketers.
Your highly trained sales team should be devoting their time to working with prospects that are already qualified and have displayed interest in your product. The Pipeline Marketing Group has their own highly trained team that find these prospects and funnel them to you and your team.
Outsourced telemarketing activity does all your dirty work. By outsourcing you ensure lower personnel costs, rediscover management time and increase workplace productivity. You also lose the headache of having to run your own team of telemarketers all day, every day.

Q. What input will I have into the pitch?

As much or as little as you like. If you haven’t already devised a script The Pipeline Marketing Group will create one for your campaign and will obtain your input/approval. The Pipeline Marketing Group suggests incorporating additional survey questions into your script. As long as telemarketing is taking place, the agents will try to gather as much important, secondary and peripheral information, as possible. This will enhance the value of the campaign.

Q. What elements are generally important when considering which telemarketing company to use?

  • Flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Cost
  • Transparency
  • Telemarketing agents level of expertise
  • Management experience / responsiveness and
  • Approachability

Q. What will be my cost per appointment?

The Pipeline Marketing Group works on an hourly rate. Establishing a cost per lead is entirely dependent on the campaign, product and pitch. Please give The Pipeline Marketing Group a call to discuss.

Q.Do the telemarketing agents at The Pipeline Marketing Group speak clear English?


Q. Can I meet the team at The Pipeline Marketing Group?

Yes. We have an open-door policy and we encourage you to meet the management, team leader and agents that will be working with you and for you.

Q. When can I start a campaign?

From the time the green light is given The Pipeline Marketing Group requires 7-10 working days to mobilize, train staff, build a database and be able to deliver results with confidence.

Q.What do I do about data lists?

Any marketing campaign is only as good as the data allows. Whether it be a data purchase or a data analysis strategy, let us be your contact for all your data requirements.