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Looking to Hire Lead Generation Services in Perth? Choose a Company That Focuses on Pain Points

Looking to Hire Lead Generation Services in Perth? Choose a Company That Focuses on Pain Points

What is a ‘pain point’? It is the driving force of every sale in the B2B world—or at least, it should be. It is the key component that differentiates a qualified lead from an unqualified one—or at least; it should be. It is one of the core considerations for the lead generation company you choose to work with in Perth—or at least, it should be.

How Pain Points Work (And What They Mean to Your Sales)

All businesses have pain points, but they are all different. One business may struggle to conduct payroll processes manually because doing so takes too long, is too prone to mistakes and is generally inefficient. Another company might be struggling to transition from physical document storage to cloud-based document storage. There are obviously countless other possible examples, as well.

Understanding these pain points is the key to finding qualified leads, making sales of your products and services and developing long-term and profitable business relationships. The intersection between your product or service and a company whose pain points line up with what your products or services can do is where these business relationships start. When your sales team can approach a lead and offer to solve one of their biggest pain points, the odds of a sale occurring (and a profitable one at that) increase monumentally.

What does all of this information mean for your sales and lead generation team in Perth? It means that to make sales, you need qualified leads whose pain points suggest a potential interest in your products or services. The question is, how can you find these diamonds in the rough?

The Pipeline Marketing Group: Providing the Lead Generation Services You Need in Perth

At the Pipeline Marketing Group, our job is to find the qualified leads that can drive your company’s revenue and growth. For eight years, we have been working as a Perth lead generation company. We use an array of strategies to find qualified leads for your business, but one of the biggest ones is identifying pain points.

Indeed, when we sit down to speak with potential leads on your business’s behalf, our first inclination is not to attack the sales angle. Instead, we try to foster a friendlier and more personal conversation, one driven by them instead of us. Specifically, we ask about their day-to-day operations, their goals and most importantly their pain points. We take the time to understand the pitfalls and hurdles these businesses go through on a regular basis. When one of these pain points matches up with a problem that your product or service is designed to solve, we know we’ve found you a qualified lead.

When you know the pain points that your prospective customers are facing, you can approach them with a smarter and stronger sales pitch. No more shooting in the dark with ineffective cold calling techniques. With the information that the Pipeline team can provide, you will be better equipped to make a sale and build a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Are you interested in trying a different tactic with your company’s B2B sales? Call the Pipeline hire our lead generation service in Perth. You can reach us today by dialling 02 9113 0440.

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