Our Lead Generation services include:

Appointment Setting

Customer Nurturing

Lead Enrichment


Decision Maker Mapping

List Building

Email List Acquisition

About Us:

100% Australian owned and run
Only hire local talent (the best)
Client access to on-demand reporting
Client interaction with your local telemarketing agents
No scripts (we know your product/service well enough)
Agile enough to be able to change offering/pitch at any time

Telemarketing has stood the test of time because it is still the most direct and personalized way to engage with your audience.

Even this landing page is simply no substitute for a real conversation.

So call us old-fashioned! Call us what you like! Just call us! 02 9113 0440.


“The Pipeline Marketing Group understand the importance of delivering client value and ROI in each campaign and have recruited a great team of sales professionals to deliver this”

Russell Lornie, GM Business, Vodafone Australia



They just love us

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